Natural Stone

Products and Services


Preparation of restoration concepts

Bills of quantities, price calculation and determination

Material analysis and mapping

Comprehensive laboratory testing of existing materials

Preparation of sample surfaces and wall sections for reference

Planning for the demounting and relocation of buildings and structures made of natural stone.

Static calculations for all aspects of building with natural stone

Comprehensive documentation during the building or restoration phase as well as photo and final documentation of all natural stone projects

Project management as well as supervision of quality and costs of works supplied by contractors

Restoration of Memorials

Cleaning of natural stone surfaces using low pressure particle blasting

Swirl-, wet- and vapour cleaning, with or without the use of chemicals

Gentle cleaning using wraps, steady trickle and brushing techniques

Desalination and dehydration

Waterproofing and preservation of natural stone

Restoration of mortar joints

Restoration of cracks using infill and security - bolting techniques

Stone masonry work

Careful, destruction free demounting with a view to reuse

Salvaging of original material from demolition
Manufacturing of walls, columns, architraves, stairs and vaults

All stone finishes – pitch face, stugged, droved, bush hammered, polished, honed etc.



Inscriptions – chiselled or through high pressure water cutter


Stone veneers

Ventilated facades, bolted or on welded constructions

Thermically disconnected facades on underconstrutions

Architraves, jambs, lintels, surrounds of all kinds and descriptions

Open, elastic, sand covered elastic and mineral joints


All types of flooring with natural stone, polished or raw, with no limitations as to size or style of project.

Terrazzo restoration

Polished floors with invisible joints

Foot grid systems for entrance areas

Cleaning, waterproofing and anti – skid treatment for stone floors

Stairs and Steps

Stairways and Steps with no limitations as to size or style of project.

All types of profiles for the front edges of steps

Anti – slip systems made of pvc, metal or stone for the front edges of steps
For new as well as for existing stairways.


Riverbank reinforcements




Outdoor furniture